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Samuel Smiths?
Samuel Smith’s Brewery is an independent brewery in Tadcaster, Yorkshire, UK.

They use traditional brewing methods and all the beers are brewed solely from authentic natural ingredients without any chemical
additives, raw material adjuncts, artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

They maintain approximately 200 pubs across the country many of which are in the post-industrial areas of North England. There are 33 pubs in London and they are the ones featured in Smith Finder. They stock only Samuel Smith’s products.

More information is available on their website www.samuelsmithsbrewery.co.uk

Is this an official Sam Smiths app?
No. Neither the Smith Finder app nor Appshh Ltd are in any way affiliated with or endorsed by the Samuel Smith Old Brewery.
This app is produced completely independently of Samuel Smith’s and absolutely no revenue made from this app will go to Samuel Smith’s whatsoever.
What is so special about the pubs?
The pubs featured have genrally been refurbished to a high standard and maintain a traditional style of the period in which they were built. Some have interesting historical significance and many still have original and quirky features that you may not find in other “standard” London pubs.

Several of the pubs have a dartboard, pub billiards and a couple even have a pool table. These are rarities nowadays in London pubs as owners generally opt for more space to fit customers in! They only their own independently brewed beers, many of which are considerably cheaper than you would find elsewhere.

Which of the pubs are featured?
Smith Finder features the 33 Samuel Smith’s pubs in London. Many are amongst the oldest and most traditional pubs found in the capital.
Are there plans to include all the pubs?
Currently, no. In order to maintain a high standard of photography and information available in the app, it would be too time consuming to add in all the pubs in the country. That’s not to say that we definitely won’t ever add them, just that there are no plans at present.
Is Smith Finder available on Android?
No. Unfortunately for Android users, Smith Finder is only available on iPhone. There are no plans at present to port the app to Android, although we have not ruled it out.
Installation issues
If you see the following message:

“We are sorry there has been a problem accessing data. Please remove and re-install the app. If the problem persists please visit the support page on Appshh.com”

First try closing the app and re-launching. If that doesn’t solve it, then please remove the app from your device and try re-installing from the App Store.

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